The biggest problem entrepreneurs have is that they don't know what their biggest problem is!

The Problem...

* Every issue seems urgent
* There is no way to address everything at once

The Result...

* The business goes in endless circles putting out fires
* The wrong things are prioritized

The Solution...

* Only one thing at a time can be a top priority
* The right thing needs to be pinpointed and worked on at the right time!

The Business Hierarchy of Needs is the framework you need to fix the right thing next!


In Mike Michalowitz book Fix This Next, he reveals the BHN.  Similar to Maslow’s Hierarchy businesses have a specific hierarchy of needs that must be served. 

How can a Certified Fix This Next Coach help?

  • An Advisor outside your business who is unbiased and without an emotional attachment

  • An Advisor trained and certified in advanced Fix This Next procedures

  • An Advisor experienced in working with business owners and entrepreneurs

Lori Mercaldi, Fix This Next Certified Advisor



“I’m passionate about helping business owners and entrepreneurs bring out the best in their business, and the Fix This Next methodology is another tool I use to do that. – Lori Mercaldi”


Mike Michalowitz - Author of Fix This Next

How do I get started?

Pinpoint the Vital Need

We'll have you complete the fix this next evaluation, review your financial information and business operations to uncover your vital need

Fix the Vital Need

We'll outline steps with you to fix your vital need and offer any recommendations to experts in our network if its something we can't addressed internally here. We will be your accountability partner to be sure you get your fix in place.

Find and Fix Again!

Identify the next vital need, map out a plan, and compete the fix for that need.