Tax Season 2020

Welcome to Tax Season 2020!

This page provides information about our tax return process and forms that will aid us in the completion of your tax return.

All paperwork must be in our office on or before March 20th.  Any return paperwork received after March 20th will be placed on extension.  

Clients with a filing status of Head of Household, those claiming the Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit, Additional Child Tax Credit, Credit for Other Dependents and/or the American Opportunity Tax Credit must be able to provide documentation, to substantiate your eligibility for each credit and/or the Head of Household filing status and answer questions to satisfy “Due Diligence” requirements. See our paid preparer due diligence checklist for some documentation examples

Tax Worksheets and forms

Here is a summary of our tax season process

  1. You gather your tax documents
  2. Complete Tax Engagement Letter
  3. Complete Individual Tax Questionnaire
  4. Upload Engagement Letter, Tax Questionnaire, and tax documents to your ShareFile account
  5. We email, text or call you with questions, and prepare your return
  6. When complete:
  •  We upload your completed return for your review to your ShareFile account
  • Along with any payment vouchers and any filing & payment action items
  • If you choose, you can download and print anything you wish. An electronic copy is maintained in your ShareFile account
  • We send you the e-file authorization forms to e-sign, invoice for tax preparation fee, and once efile forms are returned and fee is paid, we e-file your return

Submitting your tax documents for preparation

If you prefer, you can drop off your paperwork at our office, and/or schedule a face to face meeting if necessary or meet virtually on Zoom.

However….Want to get Priority Status? 

Well organized, thorough clients can have their files moved to Priority Status:

  1. Answer all the questions on the tax questionnaire and upload your signed tax engagement letter, questionnaire, and all tax documents through your ShareFile Account. ShareFile ( is the simplest and safest way to get us your tax documents.  You can upload them conveniently from your computer, iPad or smartphone, and we will receive instant notification.
  2. Include notes on page 4 of your questionnaire, of anything that requires additional explanation.
  3. Provide a copy of your driver’s license (and spouse’s if applicable) if it has changed during the year.
  4. Respond to all requests from our office for additional information as soon as possible.  If you are required to answer the Due Diligence questions, you can download the sheet from our site and upload it to us, or one will be sent to you to complete.

No “partial credit” will be given, so if you would like this service please take the time to ensure that your tax return documentation is complete the first time. Participation does not guarantee a specific turnover time, but rather prevents your file from being stuck in the queue behind a less organized file.

Links to mobile apps – Documents can be securely uploaded from your tablet or smart phone

Link to ShareFile App for iPhone and iPad

Link to ShareFile App for Android

If you’re a new tax client, how do you begin working with us?

Please call or text (518-298-5009) or email ( to get started. We’ll have a short conversation to be sure our firm is a good fit for you. If we both agree that our service is a good match, we can then move forward.  The rest of the tax return process is for the most part, handled electronically. We’ll send a written engagement letter with all the details included. We can meet by phone or Zoom, but face to face is fine too!

Our minimum fee for new individual tax clients is $250.00

Taxes are complex and unique to each person or business, we will provide you a quote upon request, however, all fees are subject to change based on the actual time and complexity of the work performed.